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Dr. Martin Deckert
Dr. Martin Deckert


After completion of an apprenticeship in banking Dr. Martin Deckert has studied Business Management at the University of Cologne. He has finalised his master thesis at the Pennsylvania State University, USA. He graduated with a doctorial degree in economics from the University of Cologne. His doctor thesis is covering the financial liberalisation of South East Asian economies.

Dr. Martin Deckert started with UBS in Germany in 1996, being responsible for project management.During the merger of UBS and SBC he took over responsibility for the technical migration of the private banking business of Swiss Banking cooperation and Schröder Münchmeyer Hengst AG, the private banking unit of UBS. In 1998 he changed his position going to UBS Private Banking, Zurich, working in various functions within Operations.

Since May 2003 Martin Deckert was Operating Head Germany of UBS Deutschland AG and Member of the Management Committee.Starting 1st January 2008 Martin Deckert was appointed to the Managing Board, being responsible for IT, Operations, Internal Services, Risk Control and Credit Risk as well as the project portfolio of all three business sectors, i. e. Investment Bank, Global Asset Management and Wealth Management in Germany. Since August 2012 he also has signed responsible for Accounting. Thus, his area of responsibility combined the role of COO (Chief Operating Officer), CRO (Chief Risk Officer) and activities of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

Effective October 2015 Martin Deckert will step down from the German Management Board and as a Managing Director at UBS focus on the implementation of various strategic projects within Europe.