we {code} it


„You say it, we code it is the slogan of we {code} it. IT service organizations are rare and mostly overpriced. Especially small/medium-sized enterprises and startups suffer from this problem. On the other hand, computer science students lack practice and professional expertise due to unfitting projects or lack of time.

We, that is a team of 4 and a community of computer science students, develop customized apps and software for small/medium-sized enterprises and startups. The customer depicts his wish, and does not need to have any knowledge in IT, because we speak his language – the customer just needs to say it. As we {code} it, we accept his wish, advise him and finally we code it. The solution of the customers’ wish is in detail developed in-house with the help of the best fitting students from our community. The project is completely realized with our on-site SCRUM method. The principal „Divide et impera – Divide and conquer plays a major role. A complex task is split into several subtasks, therefore the customer has full transparency of cost and progress. Further on he also gets the possibility to have a say. Our students receive a fair income, take part in exceptional projects and have the benefit of free schoolings. This enriches them with precious experience and paves their way for their business perspectives after college. www.we-code-it.de