In such an increasingly fast-paced society, only very few people take the time for a decent breakfast. Even if they do, most of them simply go for a cup of coffee or a sandwich at the bakery. Oatsome offers the solution for a quick-to-prepare, nutritious and above all tasty breakfast, which gives you the energy to face the day.

The product is a mixture of fruits and cereal flakes that you put in a blender, add some milk and blend it for about 15 seconds. The result, a so-called Smoothie Bowl”, is a spoonable mixture with a fruity-delicious taste.

What makes Oatsome Smoothie Bowls special are their high fruit content as well as the lack of any added sugars. Due to our handpicked ingredients, the product contains valuable vitamins and minerals. Furthermore it has a macronutrient-profile according to the suggestions of the DGE (German Association for Nutrition) which leads to a wholesome, nutritious meal.