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Kilian Weiss


Kilian Weiss is the CEO of Qforma. A pioneer in leveraging social analytics to drive value for life sciences companies, Kilian has developed innovative analytical solutions for life sciences clients across the globe.

In 2005, Kilian founded Mederi AG, a Frankfurt-based network intelligence provider. In just six years, he helped build the company into a leading source of analytic solutions used by eight of the top 10 pharma companies worldwide. In 2012, he sold Mederi AG to BelHealth investment partners, a New York based private equity group. The company merged with Skila – a provider of launch and kol management solutions – and Kilian moved to the United States to take the helm. In 2013, the company merged with Qforma, the leading provider of advanced analytics around local HCP influence networks – creating a complete view on global, national and local healthcare networks. The company was renamed to Qforma.

Kilian has graduated from Goethe University and published several articles and co-authored a book about stochastic optimization. He currently lives in New York City with his wife and enjoys sailing.

Expertise: Entrepreneurialism, strategy, management, social network analysis, real world data, big data, semantic mining, crowd sourcing, stochastic optimization, regulatory affairs, market access, HCP targeting, kol management, social analytics.