The Unibator Startup Program

The Unibator Startup Program (USP) serves to systematically foster and accelerate accepted startups. The program combines elements of successful startup accelerators with the longer-term perspective of established incubator concepts for up to 18 months. The incubation periods base upon achieved milestones and the startups’ development progress. The Unibator Startup Program is split into four phases.

Selection Day

Following a written application and first interview, the startup teams participate in a Pitch-Prep workshop “How to Pitch Successfully”, to prepare them for the Unibator Pitch on Selection Day. Shortly after Selection Day, the teams are notified whether they have been accepted into the program. The Selection Days are held in regular intervals at Campus Westend.


Upon acceptance into the program, the new startups receive comprehensive feedback from selected mentors and experts from the Unibator network as to the team and business idea. Through a series of workshops, relevant skills and tools are presented on topics such as customer acquisition, business model development, finance, sales, and marketing.

Evaluation Day

Milestones set during the Bootcamp are then continuously validated and checked throughout the program, through regular update meetings with Unibator management. Here, important elements include data-driven evaluation of appropriate metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The goal up until Evaluation Day is to provide a detailed monitoring and evaluation of the startups’ processes and progress.

Demo Day

Startups seeking capital, who develop a sustainable business model along with a proof-of-concept and can also show first (paying) customers, have the opportunity to present at the Pitch Club in front of experienced investors to attempt their first/next financing round.